Barriers to migration

Companies diving head first into cloud without implementing a well thought out strategy may end up reverting to a local setup, be forced back down from the cloud or transition to a different cloud model, all very costly consequences.


The main barriers companies face when moving to the cloud are lack of overview, lack of insight into their existing environment and dependencies along with the necessary expertise and skills needed to prepare and manage migration. This is where we can help.

Consistency Is Key

Getting migration right the first time is paramount and can be achieved through sufficient preparation, attention to new industry regulations and with the right IT security mindset in place. Each cloud migration requires a deep understanding of business needs and objectives for every layer of the underlying infrastructure. To ensure you achieve your goals, you need:

  • - A consistent strategy with objectives in place
  • - Sufficient preparation for a successful migration
  • - A new approach to IT needs to be adopted
  • - The model must comply with EU General Data Protection Directive

Your Strategic IT Partner

Most service providers will assess your environment but will not help you with the migration. Others will provide you with only infrastructure, leaving you with the challenge of planning workloads, security and compliance. Furthermore, not everyone is capable of migrating every application, and the investment you already made into on-premise infrastructure does not have to be in vain. We can help you through:

  • - Professional advice on the right mix of cloud, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS for your company
  • - We will provide full support with your business growth needs
  • - We establish Proof of Concept to demonstrate verification before implementation

Getting the migration right

  • 1. Assess your existing environment and cloud readiness

  • 2. Choose the right cloud strategy

  • 3. Select your migration path

  • 4. Account for security and compliance

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