An integrated approach

Reduce risks and free up resources from day-to-day IT tasks with Hosters fully managed, reported and monitored services. We will setup, maintain and secure servers, devices and applications across platforms and cloud models.

Operations Management

Optimise and manage your operating system environment according to your deployment needs and schedules. We will ensure your employees always work within a more secure, backed up and efficient environment, fully monitored at all times.


- Configuration Management
- Monitoring Management
- Backup Management
- Disaster Recovery Management
- Patch Management

Identity and Access Management

Our team will work behind the scenes to provide the relevant access rights to your employees, making sure only the right people access the sensitive information. Continuous monitoring will enable us to modify users' access as and when needed.


- Azure Active Directory Management
- On-premise Active Directory Management
- Hybrid Active Directory Management

Security and Compliance Management

Hosters provides essential security technologies to ensure your business is protected from external and internal threats, safeguarding your confidential information from third parties. All complemented by data governance and reporting needed to meet your compliance standards.


- Log Management
- Report Management
- Threat Protection Management
- Information Protection Management
- Secure Remote Access Management

Azure Cost Management

We can help you manage your cloud spend while maximising your cloud potential. Through our Azure Cost Optimisation, we help you make the most of Azure by providing you with the tools to monitor, allocate and optimise your cloud costs so you can accelerate future investment. Monitor and visualise your cloud usage and costs, improve organisational accountability and optimise your cloud efficiency with Azure Cost Optimisation.

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