Grow and thrive in a changing world

Adapt rapidly to changes and demands in and outside your organisation. We utilise scalable, flexible and highly available infrastructure and networking services to give you the IT agility & scalability you need. To grow your business, cater better to your customers and thrive in a changing world. In your way, at your pace.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • By combining Azure with Azure Stack, you can have the scalability to be ready for the future.

    • - Mission critical application continuity
    • - On-demand scalable infrastructure
    • - Full potential of cloud economics


Cloud Operations

  • We can either fully setup and manage your infrastructure and operational workload behind it, or you can choose to let us manage only the operational side of things within your own infrastructure.

    Whichever choice you make, our team will make sure your IT architecture is aligned with your business goals.


Infrastructure as Code

  • Infrastructure as Code support is available throughout our private and public infrastructure services, allowing you to manage and provision your infrastructure directly from your application code.

Cost-effective infrastructure

  • Public cloud is not always cheaper. We determine together with you what mix of private and public services cater your needs in the most cost effective way and then create Proof of Concepts around them.

Built with technology you can build on

Microsoft Azure in
33 worldwide
data centres
Azure Stack
and Hyper-V in 3
Danish data centres
Microsoft Azure Management
Microsoft System Center

Our Approach to Your Success

  • 1. We start by consulting with you to determine the best solution for your business needs.

  • 2. We create a proof of concept and planning to get you up and running within the desired timeframe.

  • 3. We migrate and onboard your business and every user.

  • 4. We monitor, manage and report anything that happens inside your infrastructure, 24/7.

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