Technology we build your cloud infrastructure on

Where a complex and rigid traditional IT infrastructure won't cut it anymore, our customisable services will provide the cloud infrastructure you need for reliable IT operations across Azure, Hosters or Hybrid cloud.


Azure cloud infrastructure

Hosters provides Microsoft cloud infrastructure and cloud platform from Azure, with added advantages such as cost reduction and flexibility to scale, using tools and technologies you already know and trust.



Azure virtual machines

  • - General application (A and D Series)

  • - Processor optimised (F Series)

  • - Memory optimised (M and G Series)

  • - Storage optimised (L Series)

  • - Optimised for graphics (N Series)

  • - HPC optimised (H Series)

Azure storage capacity

  • - Standard Storage
    (max 500 IOPS per 4 TB)

  • - Premium Storage
    (max 7.500 IOPS per 4 TB)

Azure network and security

  • - Dedicated Fortinet Firewall (Layer 7)

  • - Dynamic or reserved public IP-addresses

  • - Azure or Fortinet load balancing

  • - Azure Traffic Manager

  • - Azure CDN

  • - Azure ExpressRoute

  • - Azure VPN Gateway (100-1000 Mbps)

  • - Azure Network Watcher

Azure Stack cloud infrastructure

Hosters is the first provider to deploy Cisco Integrated System for Azure Stack in our datacentres in Denmark. If your business is looking to extend infrastructure workloads, Azure Stack allows you to take advantage of the fast pace and agility of the cloud and bring it onto on-premises environment.



Build and deploy modern apps

Increase speed to market with quick development and deployment of apps through a consistent hybrid application platform.

Use consistent DevOps process

Run smooth deployments both in cloud and on-premises. Azure Stack is designed to provide hybrid cloud meeting your varying business needs.

Meet all the regulatory requirements

Deploy apps on-premises using Azure Stack and adhere to specific policy requirements.

Hyper-V cloud infrastructure

Modernise your business with fully scalable high-performance Hyper-V cloud infrastructure and protect against malware with Shielded virtual machines, provided to you from Hosters datacentres - fully compliant with European data protection regulations.



Hosters Virtual Machines

  • - Virtual processor up to 32 vCPU

  • - Memory up to 256 GB RAM

  • - SSD-storage capacity up to 100.000 IOPS

Hosters Virtualization Cluster

  • - 4-16 nodes

  • - SSD-storage capacity up to
    3.000.000 IOPS

Hosters Network and Security

  • - Dedicated or shared Fortinet Firewall
    (Layer 7)

  • - Reserved public IP-addresses

  • - Fortinet load balancing

  • - Fortinet VPN Gateway (1000 Mbps)

  • - Support of closed circuits from ISP's (MPLS)

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Not all organisations are capable of migrating every application or may have already invested significantly in on-premises infrastructure.

This is where hybrid cloud comes in; we will combine the right mix of cloud services and models to fit around your business needs.


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