Complete business security while remaining compliant

Cyber threats have become better planned, and what's even more worrying, better executed. Equally, protection of confidential information and data has become paramount - and compliance policies have only become stricter. Hosters data security technology not only allows you to meet the regulatory obligations but also safeguards your sensitive information.


Identity and Access

Threat Protection

Information Protection

Identity and Access

  • Putting you in control

    Constant control and monitoring of users, giving them quick and secure access to the resources they need.

  • User Rights Management

    Setting up identities and data user access through Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Wireless Management

    Automatic and remote monitoring of your organisation's network providing you with the necessary visibility of any malicious network traffic.

Threat Protection

  • Azure Advanced Threat Analytics

    Enables constant monitoring of any suspicious behaviour and fast action - before malware has the chance to do any damage. It controls and monitors your architecture 24/7 flagging any suspicious incidents.

  • Azure DDoS and Next-Gen Fortinet Firewall Protection

    Alongside port protection, you will get intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, fast SSL inspection, DNS and web filtering. We use threat detection to differentiate between valid and compromised traffic.

  • Azure and Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection

    Catching potential threats fast and testing in a controlled isolated and safe environment for analysis.

Information Protection

  • Azure Information Protection

    Monitoring of workstations, devices and applications allows us to give you in-depth trend an threat reporting.

  • Azure Log Analytics for Compliance

    Centralising your data and producing insights which allow you to diagnose any performance problems, as well as detect and prevent potential issues, ahead of users experiencing them.

Built with technology you can build on

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Microsoft Azure
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Our Approach to Your Success

  • 1. We start by consulting with you to determine the best solution for your business needs.

  • 2. We create a proof of concept and planning to get you up and running within the desired timeframe.

  • 3. We migrate and onboard your business and every user.

  • 4. We monitor, manage and report anything that happens inside your infrastructure, 24/7.

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