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At Hosters we only work with technologies that help meet our clients' goals. Your architecture is meant to work around your business strategy, and we firmly believe in technology that will not only provide a solution to an immediate challenge but one that you will be able to build on.



Microsoft technology enables business across the world. Azure, which is the Microsoft cloud, is at the heart of digitalisation, letting your company engage with customers, empower your employees, optimise your operations and reinvent products and business models.


A comprehensive set of cloud solutions, tailored to your business needs.

Azure Stack

Providing your consistent hybrid cloud, we apply Cisco UCS and ACI end-to-end as underlying technology.

Windows Server

The cloud-ready operating system that supports your current setup, while introducing new technologies.

System Center

Simplified data centre management keeping you in control of your IT.

SQL Server

Database management system with outstanding performance, security and analytics.

Office 365

Work tools everyone knows and loves - empowering your employees' productivity.


Flexible mobile device app management, providing the right user access while securing your data.


Powerful laptop and professional grade software delivering outstanding graphics performance.

Microsoft 365

Enabling a modern workforce by bringing Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security together.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Highly secure and modern mobility including unified device management and identity-driven protection.


Fortinet provides the leading technology behind Hosters' security solutions: through high-grade security processors and applied threat intelligence system, as well as products that share intelligence and work together to form a holistic security solution, Fortinet technologies, safeguard your IT without any compromise.


Next-generation firewall, delivering best threat protection with simplified management.


Advanced threat detection, detecting known and zero-day threats.


Logging, reporting and event correlation through a centralised network.


High-performance web application firewall, keeping your business secure from application exploits.


Centralised security management, for greater visibility into your entire security system.


Next-Gen endpoint protection in- and outside of your network.


One of the biggest fears for any business is downtime, especially for those businesses which operate 24/7 all year around. Veeam provides a market leading technology that helps organisations meet recovery time and ensure business continuity, through ongoing data replication and data loss avoidance.

Backup for Hosters Hyper-V Cloud Infrastructure

Fast and reliable recovery of virtualised apps and data, built on underlying Cisco UCS and ACI end-to-end.

Backup Agent for Microsoft Windows

Designed to provide backup and recovery for physical and cloud-based Windows workloads.

Backup Agent for Linux

Ensures the availability of your Linux workloads, both in the cloud or on-premises.

Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Control of your data by eliminating the risk of losing access to your Exchange Online.

Cloud Connect Repository

Regular backup repository configured in the SP backup infrastructure.

Carbonite (DoubleTake)

Carbonite technology lets you migrate to an agile platform with no risk of downtime and minimal performance impact. It protects your business from all data loss scenarios through extensive backup solutions, safeguarding your sensitive information at all times and making sure your organisation keeps on running.

Carbonite Availability

Continous replication and high-speed failovers ensure your critical systems are always available.

Carbonite Move

Fast and easy migration of physical, virtual and cloud workloads with minimal risk and practically no downtime.

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