Endpoint protection in- and outside of your network

Along with cloud and a mobile workforce comes an increased attack surface with endpoints and devices moving in- and outside of your network. FortiClient allows you to localise and remediate security vulnerabilities across endpoints before they result in breaches.




Detect and manage vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerable endpoints in real-time and track all details across entire organization for proactive action.

Simplify endpoint management

Clear up and centralize management of your ever-growing number of IT assets and enforce potent security.

Integrated advanced protection

Comprehensive integration advantages provide next-generation threat protection across your entire attack surface.



Automated advanced defence

Behaviour-based threat protection 

Connect endpoints to FortiSandbox and enable automatic and real-time analysis of files downloaded to all endpoints. 


Real-time malware protection

Automate detection and prevention of known and unknown attacks through intelligence shared by FortiGuard.


Anti-exploit security layer

Prevent un-patched app vulnerabilities from being exploited with another signature-less layer of protection.

Key features

Advanced vulnerability detection


Automated endpoint protection


Anti-exploit technology


Centralised provisioning and monitoring


Windows AD integration


Integrated with Fortinet security solutions

Getting started

Let us help you protect all endpoints with comprehensive and integrated technology enabling multi-layered security.

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