Reduced complexity with best threat protection

To run efficient business operations, you need top-grade security. Fortigate provides a solution that combines high performance with multi-layered security.




Comprehensive security against advanced threats

Protect your organisation against advanced threats, reducing the vulnerability of your network.

Continuous threat intelligence

Stay ahead of cyber threats by quickly responding to any targeted attack with mitigated automation.

Reduce complexities of your network

Leverage scalable deployments at the network edge, data centre and lower total cost of ownership.



End-to-end defence

Technology that keeps your business safe

Innovative security process (SPU) technology ensures high-performance application layer security services.


Enabling endpoint protection and control

Real-time endpoint visibility provides comprehensive network overview, your ability to enforce security policies and quarantine non-compliant endpoints.


Simple deployment with consistent security

Single pane of glass management simplifies all your deployments and provides granular control and visibility across your network.

Key features

Firewall, VPN and Traffic Shaping


Intrusion Prevention


Antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware


Integrated Wireless Controller


Application Control


Web Filtering


WAN Optimisation and Web Caching

Getting started

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