One, centralised management system across all devices

Remove the complexity of managing user rights and access on devices with Microsoft Intune. Protect the business data meanwhile fostering mobile productivity of your employees.




Simplify access to on-premises resources

Provide your staff with easy access to apps, email and files - while remaining in full control.

Protect your business data

Strengthen security with multi-factor authentication to ensure the right people access the information.

Maintain flexibility

Secure your data across any device, strengthening your BYOD policy while remaining flexible.



Productivity hand in hand with security

Enhance the Microsoft Office experience

Wherever your employees are, and whichever device they choose from, your sensitive information always remains safeguarded.


Protection driven by identification

Your business information can be secured only at the app level, eliminating the need to secure the entire device. Corporate identity and data can be removed without affecting users' apps or their personal data.


Prevent any data loss

Intune allows you to decide how you manage app local storage, whether you only allow a simple copy and paste between applications or permits to save documents to only secure locations.


Reduce complexities

With Intune, you eliminate the need to update and maintain on-premises server, as you are able to manage all mobile devices and PCs from the cloud.

Getting started

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