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Business downtime can damage your reputation, causing disruptions and loss of earnings. Guarantee fast, reliable recovery for Hosters Hyper-V Cloud Infrastructure virtualised environments to stay up and running with advanced backup.




VM Backup

Veeam will provide your business with fast and reliable image-backup for Hosters Hyper-V Cloud Infrastructure virtual environments, helping you meet service-level goals.

Fast recovery

Maintain complete confidence with fast recovery capabilities helping to ensure availability of your mission-critical applications.

Restore options

Image-based backups allow for multiple restore options at various levels. Restore entire VMs or recover at file-level.



Reliably backup your business

Advanced backup technologies

Veeam technology will give your business double I/O performance and shorten backup time by up to five times.


Instant recovery

Veeam will give your business the ability to recover a failed VM in less than two minutes.


Failover and failback restore

If one or several hosts fail, batch processing restores operations with little to no business interruption.

Key features

Advanced data fetcher


Instant VM Recovery


Parallel processing for full VM restore


Data domain accelerated restores

Getting started

To keep your business running with minimal downtime, you need to rethink its availability strategy. Begin today with Veeam Backup for Hosters Hyper-V Cloud Infrastructure.

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