Recovery of your data at your fingertips

Meeting strict compliance regulations means you need to remain in control of your data, and that means keeping full control of your Office 365 backup and recovery. Veeam Backup for Office 365 can help by eliminating the risk of losing access to your email data.




Backup flexibility

Backup your Office 365 and Exchange on-premises data to another location to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements.

Restoring your data

Keep the ability to restore in your own hands. Veeam allows for quick and flexible search and recovery capabilities.

Meet compliance laws

Store data for as long as you need, and with advanced search and find capabilities, you can quickly find all the data you need.



Take control of your Office 365 data

No wait to restore

Built-in Veeam Explorer will allow you to quickly find and recover files. Mailbox items can be restored in a number of different ways, giving you ultimate flexibility.


Scale to demand

A multi-repository, multi-tenant architecture allows protection of large Office 365 deployments.


Find data for whenever you need it

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange will provide you with flexible recovery and export options, helping you efficiently locate your data.

Key features

Automation and self-service restore capabilities


Unified Exchange and Office 365 backup


Built-in Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

Getting started

Managing your Office 365 backup and recovery will help ensure you are adhering to compliance regulations, while also giving you peace of mind knowing you are in full control your data. Discover Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

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