Simple yet effective offsite backup

Protecting your most valuable asset, your data, can be a task in itself. Cloud Connect Repository offers efficient offsite, cloud-based storage for your VM data, ensuring your data is stored in a secure location.




Avoid the risk of data loss

Choose the more secure method with a broad range of backup and restore options to help ensure complete data protection.

Ensure compliance

Backup and easily access your data for when you need it, in a secured and certified data centre.

End-to-end encryption

Cloud connect will give you the ability to encrypt all data before it leaves your network perimeter, in flight or at rest.



Complete visibility and control

Manage your data

Easily access and recover your data in hosted backup repositories on demand, track your cloud repository consumption and receive reminders.


Scale out backup repository

In addition to backup repository, the SP backup infrastructure can use a scale-out backup repository as a cloud repository.

Key features



vCD backup and restore


Backup copy to cloud repository


File copy


Full VM restore


VM guest Microsoft Windows FS OS restore


Application items restore


Disk export


Guest OS files restore

Getting started

Rest assured that your business data is protected and you are adhering to strict data compliance regulations with an easy yet effective cloud-based offsite backup solution for your VM data. 

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